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Renault Trucks presents Hybrys: an innovative, urban, hybrid technology concept vehicle

With its futuristic design, Hybrys is an expression of Renault Trucks’ vision of future urban transport. It is also a progressive step towards the inclusion of hybrid technologies in its products already on the market, offering alternative solutions to diesel.

Environmental protection, increasing prices for petrol-based products and their diminishing resources has driven Renault Trucks to broaden its product offer for increasingly lower fuel consumption vehicles by means of new energies.

In its product range, targeting local authorities and highways agencies, Renault Trucks offers a unique range of engines and alternative energy solutions: bio-diesel, natural gas, diesel/electric bi-modal and wholly electric. In the near future, hybrid, so called ‘parallel’ technologies (combining diesel and electric engines delivering power depending on different power distribution scenarios) used on the Hybrys concept vehicle will complement the current solutions.